Permission Levels

Users on Construct can be assigned one of five levels of permission on an account. Each level has a specific features and limitations which are listed below.

Project Viewer: A project viewer will only have view access to a specific project. The user will be able to view information (files, forms, tasks, issues and activity) but will not be able to contribute, upload documents or complete forms. This role is to be assigned to users where access is required for informational purposes only.

Project Editor: Project editors have all the permissions of a project viewer but can also upload files, markup drawings, add tasks and complete forms.

Project Admins: Project admins have all the permissions of viewers and editors but can also add users to the project and change the permission of other project users. Project admins can also see the critical path elements within the tasks section.

Account Admin: Account admins have access to all projects on the account. They can add users and assign permissions on the account or any project. They also have the ability to create new projects and add themes and branding to the account and individual projects.

Account Owner: There is only one owner of an account. An account owner has all the permissions of an account admin with the following safeguards. This user can not be deleted from the account ownership can only be transferred by contacting Construct support.

Folder Visibility: Folder visibility within the files section of the App can also be restricted. For example, you may have a Reports folder for management in which case a security level of 'No Access' could be set for Project Viewers and Project Editors.

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